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Co-Founder, CEO

Chase Hartman of Tampa, Florida, is a community changemaker and youth leader dedicated to finding solutions to some of the country's toughest challenges.

Eighteen-year-old Chase co-founded a non-profit called Eco Brothers and an award-winning book distribution project called “read.repeat.”.  Focusing his efforts on improving literacy rates, he’s collected and distributed more than 220,000 books and impacted the lives of more than 65,000 students in Hillsborough County, Florida.  Chase champions the need for more books-with-diversity and dual language books in local Title-1 schools and has worked to raise more than $150,000 to improve literacy and run environmental projects in his state. 

Chase enjoys the challenges of leadership opportunities and served as Senior Patrol Leader in Boy Scout Troop 46, where he also achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.  For the service project required for this respected rank, he designed and planted a butterfly garden at his former elementary school and purchased butterfly habitats for each classroom to learn more about the importance of the declining monarch butterfly.  He’s attended leadership workshops through Boy Scouts with the National Youth Leadership Training and also at American University with the National Student Leadership Conference. 

An honor student, Chase attended the American Legion Boys State Conference and received the Samsung Scholarship. Additionally, he has been regoanized as a 2024 Coca Cola Scholar, Beta Club Scholar, and National Honor Society Scholarship National Finalist. He is a member of the National Honor Society and National Society of High School Scholars and is Co-President of Student Government at his high school.  Chase’s academic and community service efforts have been recognized by the Dr. Ben Carson Scholar Fund, which has awarded him the position of Carson Scholar.  Chase is a Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team Community Hero of Tomorrow recipient, Florida’s Prudential Spirit of the Community Honoree, Points of Light Youth Advisory Council member, and was also recognized by the EPA as a President’s Environmental Youth Award winner.  

Meet our Youth Council Members

As of June 2024, we have welcomed 51 Youth Council members from 14 U.S. states and 6 countries around the globe! These youth, ages 13-23, are dedicated to expanding our efforts in their local areas. Interested in joining? Click the button below to access our application! 

IMG_3615 - SSatvik989_edited.jpg

Satvik Shukla

Cumming, GA

Hi! My name is Satvik Shukla, and I am from Georgia. In my school, I have leadership roles in clubs such as DECA, FBLA, and Environmental Club, and hope to expand my network and knowledge here with my peers at Eco Brothers! I am very passionate about tackling literacy rates in lower income communities, as well as keeping the community clean and healthy through various gardening projects, community giving, etc. I hope to learn more from my peers here at Eco Brothers and am very thankful for this opportunity.

IMG_1592 - Afghan Girls Success Gate HR.jpeg

Aman Shah Kabiri

Kabul, Afghaniastan

I’m Aman Shah Kabiri, a dedicated student pursuing studies at both the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) and Kabul University. With a fervent passion for driving positive change and advocating for environmental causes, I actively engage as an environmental activist. As the Founder and CEO of Afghan Girls Success Gate (AGSG), a nonprofit organization committed to empowering Afghan girls through education, I am deeply invested in creating opportunities for growth and development. Additionally, serving as the Founder and President of the AUAF Speakers Club, I foster a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas within the university community. My dedication extends to championing the empowerment of Afghan women, a cause close to my heart. I am committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities, striving for a brighter and more equitable future.

WIN_20240318_12_55_22_Pro - J Rose __ Olly (JJ).jpg

Justice R. Brown

Isanti, MN

Whether it's people, animals, or our planet, I love helping! I love being able to make a difference, and it's something I will always strive for. I have experience in many leadership and team-based roles, and I use all of my previous knowledge to help others and overall make our world a better place. I’m always willing to learn something new to help with volunteer opportunities, and I’m very excited to use everything I know, and learn new things while being a part of the Eco Brothers Youth Council!

IMG_7547 - angeolina w.heic

Angeolina Wright

Tampa, FL

I’m Angeolina Wright, enrolled at Sickles High School. When I’m not conditioning on the volleyball court, I’m diving into community service. As a proud member of the National English Honors Society and PTSA club at my school, I’m all about giving back to my community. I volunteer for a nonprofit organization called Cards2Warriors and at my local church. Beyond that, I’m also passionate about advocating for mental health awareness and environmental issues such as sustainability.

IMG-20230801-WA0001 - Kashish Tuteja_edi

Kashish Tuteja

Bathinda, Punjab, India

Kashish Tuteja is a passionate social advocate. With a commitment to create a positive impact in the society, she actively collaborates with different organizations to drive meaningful change. Kashish's goal-oriented approach, combined with her knowledge and skills, enables her to contribute actively to various initiatives. Her dedication and achievements have been exemplified through prestigious International programs . Kashish's commitment to social service extends beyond her professional endeavors as she anchors numerous events. With her determination and passion, Kashish Tuteja continues to strive for a more equitable and empowered society

IMG_2762 - Ryan Whalen.jpg

Ryan Whalen

San Antonio, TX

Hey everyone! My name is Ryan, a prospective student looking to study data science, public policy, and sociology at Dartmouth College. Currently, I'm involved in my high school's speech-and-debate team and student culture club, along with various student-led non-profit organizations like Equality in Forensics, TurnUp Activism, and InLight Magazine. Joining the Youth Council at EcoBrothers, I hope to continuously share my strong passions for environmental sustainability, community advocacy, and educational empowerment for students everywhere, especially those from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds. A fun fact about me is that I've officially tried over 50 different flavors of ice-cream to this day!

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-07 at 10.37.31 - akarsh chittineni.jpeg

Akarsh Chittineni

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

I am a sixteen-year-old rising senior at Delhi Public School, India, deeply committed to extending equitable education to all. Coming from a developing nation, where opportunities for students are limited, I aspire to create a society where abundant opportunities are accessible to everyone. Currently, I serve as the founder and president of Sarve Vidya, a non-profit that has positively impacted over 1000 students across the state. Additionally, I have founded other non-profits and spearheaded numerous campaigns and drives. With a robust STEM background, I have clinched several international STEM competitions, including NASA HERC and MIT Solve, among others. I am proud to be the school topper and a national-level badminton player. Furthermore, I am a published poet and author of books in my mother tongue, Telugu.

CEO4 - ADEYEMO babatunde isaac.jpg

Issac Adeyemo

Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

ISAAC ADEYEMO is the founder and CEO of Mordecai Care Foundation of Nigeria (MOCAFON). A passionate Gender based violence advocate with a group of stakeholders collaborating in the state, with both Law Enforcement Agency and National Human Right Commission. Isaac is a certified Trainer of Imagine Certification Program & Empowerment Institute based in USA. He has empowered more than 25,122 women and girls directly by leading Empowerment Workshop in Ile-Ife, Akinlalu and Ifewara and around the country. Isaac is a World Pulse member; World Pulse is a social network uniting women worldwide to speed up change. He is a Community Mentor and a Changemaker in the World Pulse community. Isaac is a National Leader of Good Deeds Day movement, an organization based in Israel,

3003FE7B-F772-415C-ABE0-A32175BF5A76 - Aneesha.jpeg

Aneesha Nayak

Orlando, FL

I am a 3rd year, Computer Science at the University of Central Florida! I was the Civic Engagement Director for my school’s volunteer club, events director for Girl Up Orlando, and teaching assistant for CS classes! I’m passionate about advocating for climate change and creating an impactful change in my community for a cleaner and greener world! In my freetime, I love going to theme parks, watching sporting games, and painting!

IMG_6540 - Shaun Ye.jpg

Shaun Ye

Richmond, VA

Shaun Ye is a 3rd year high school student from Richmond, Virginia. Through his leadership and involvement with school clubs and nonprofits, he is passionate about addressing educational inequality and the uneven distribution of literary ability across Richmond, especially for immigrant and refugee children. Additionally, Shaun is a member of Model United Nations and Quiz Bowl Clubs, and loves to study history and current affairs in his free time.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 9.34.33 PM - Miti Patel.png

Miti Patel

Tampa, FL

Hi! My name is Miti Patel and I am a Junior in the Bio-medical program at Middleton Highschool. I love giving back to my community whether its through volunteering at local organizations or taking educational initiatives. I recognize the significance of my community and aim to provide information and support to help foster positive connections and contributions within communities. One social issue I am most passionate about tacking is child welfare and protection. I am grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to see what I can accomplish with it!.

61B18B54-6FDE-4B25-B8B3-A7DB287F7137 - Jarif Chowdhury.heic

Jarif Chowdhury

Charlotte, NC

As an active member of JROTC, I'm deeply committed to serving my community by aiding families and youths in need and spearheading local cleanup initiatives. Volunteering with the Youth Law Institute as Forum Outreach Officer, I promote free legal education for all, leveraging social media and seminars to amplify our mission. With a passion for photography and video editing, I aspire to be a pilot someday. Join me in tackling asocial issues and shaping a brighter future for all.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 8.41.50 AM - Talk of Fame Podcast.png

Kylie Montigney

Scranton, PA

Kylie is the founder of Empower Girls which is designed to end gender bias & inclusion in the media, also she is the host of Talk of Fame podcast where she interviews actors, founders, athletes, etc to inspire people that they can do anything they dream of!

IMG_0164 - Trey Riley.jpeg

James Riley

Lutz, FL

I am the current treasurer for my schools DECA chapter. I also compete at the state and district level for my DECA chapter. I am passionate about wildlife, especially aquatics. I am a big advocate for breaking the mental health stigma, and I envision a world one day where everyone can express themselves without fearing judgement.

camp picture - Coleman Griffith.jpg

Coleman Henry Griffith

Dallas, TX

From Dallas, Texas, I am a proactive youth leader and entrepreneur deeply engaged in sustainability and social advocacy. At 17, I've spearheaded numerous initiatives, such as starting a tutoring program for students with learning differences, and I actively contribute to the Stanford Climate Leaders Fellowship, where I've developed projects like sustainable garden beds for schools in need. A passionate advocate for environmental and educational improvements, I have engaged in research, recently focusing on the economy's effect on sustainable recycling practices. My efforts extend into sports, where I lead as a captain for both the football and track teams, and into community service through my leadership roles in Boy Scouts and my robotics team. As an honor student at Cistercian Preparatory School, I am committed to leveraging my leadership and entrepreneurial skills to make a significant impact on my community and beyond, aiming to inspire and implement practical solutions to pressing global issues.

994FCDDD-3590-4F56-A0CF-C9DD21733A95 - Ayla Melamut.jpeg

Ayla Melamut

Tampa, FL

Hello! I’m Ayla Melamut, from Tampa, Florida. Currently, I’m deeply engaged in various leadership roles at my high school. These include serving as the Class of 2025 President, President of the Jewish History Club, Co-founder and Co-president of the Mental Health Advocates club, Service Coordinator for the SAVE Club, Art and Media Chair for the BETA Club, member of the National Honor Society, and an active member of the varsity tennis team. Additionally, I have held the position of Mazkirah for two terms in BBYO (Jewish youth group) and actively participate in the Jewish Student Union fellowship. I am excited to broaden my horizons and connect with like-minded peers. I look forward to exchanging perspectives and sharing my passions and interests with the community.

EcoBrothers Headshot - Cara Lynn.jpg

Cara Elzie

Seattle, WA

Cara Elzie is currently pursuing a BA/MA in history with a double minor in justice studies and sustainable food systems at Arizona State University. After graduation, she plans to go to law school and become a human rights lawyer. She is dedicated to creating a more compassionate, educated, and just world. Currently, Elzie is working with the American Red Cross, the Washington State Department of Health, the Farmlink Project, the Congressional Award Program, and BABE VOTE to advocate for causes she is passionate about, including humanitarian issues, public health, disability rights, food insecurity, youth leadership, and voting rights. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling, running, practicing ASL, and spending time with her animals.

IMG_7819 - Zach Glover.heic

Zach Glover

Tampa, FL

Hi everyone! I'm Zach Glover, from Tampa, Florida. At my school, I'm actively engaged in the National Honor Society, First Priority Club, and Mu Alpha Theta Club. Additionally, I proudly lead as captain on the varsity cross country and track and field teams. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Eco Brothers youth council. I'm eager to both learn from my peers and contribute to community initiatives.

2E3E86EA-124E-46AB-B649-166CEDD5221D - Tariq Lawal.jpeg

Tariq Lawal

Lagos, Nigeria

Tariq Lawal (he/they) is a writer, poet, creative, entrepreneur and change-maker from Lagos, Nigeria. He passionately advocates for social and environmental justice. He is a World Literacy Foundation Youth Ambassador, The Climate Interactive Ambassador, an Orius Fellow, a UNICEF Nigeria Young Influencer, a Civics Unplugged Fellow and a UNESCO’s LearningPlanet Alliance Youth Fellow and a member of their youth council. He is also the creative designer of Girl Up Nigeria and Black Girl’s Dream Initiative and the lead of Catcalls of Lagos, a chapter of the global youth-led Chalk Back Movement that aims to put an end to street-based harassment. He is the first and only African, and youngest contributor for FEMINIST, the global hub for intersectional feminism with an audience of more than six million. He also volunteers as a graphic designer for a lot of youth-led non-profits.

IMG_6444 - Natasha Quinn.jpg

Natasha Quinn

Lake Forest, CA

Aloha! My name is Natasha Quinn and I'm a first-year political science major at The University of Hawaii at Manoa! I am very passionate about human and animal rights, civil peace, and equitable education for all! I founded my own nonprofit called The Do Good Projects, which is an umbrella organization that houses three youth-led projects that each make a positive impact on the world in their own unique way. My goal in life is to become the youngest president of The United States of America, and I am excited to learn, grow, and contribute to a collaborative community on the Youth Council of the Eco Brothers!

IMG_4424 - Liv Etter.jpeg

Livia Etter

Pittsburgh, PA

Hi, I'm a Penn State student who is graduating May with a Multidisciplinary Studies degree and will move on to a Political Science degree and an Earth Sustainability certificate. I'm very excited to be a member of EcoBrothers. As a part of Penn State, i am a member of EcoReps, StuCo, Sustainability club at Penn State among others. In the community, i am involved with Change the Chamber, which is a student group of like-minded people for the environment.

096292C5-1361-497F-BC7D-5397CE2CC810 - Joe Kennef.png

Robert Nguyen

Lititz, PA

Robbie Nguyen is a tech enthusiast from South Central Pennsylvania. Through social entrepreneurship and community outreach ventures, Nguyen gravitates toward work that positively impacts those around him facing societal challenges. Leading initiatives that intersect between business, technology, and society. His love for helping others, allows him to lean into the unknown- what he doesn’t know. He has an extensive background in network and social systems, designing and managing the systems in his projects whether in network security to our social, economic, and political systems. From presenting at symposiums to educating, inspiring, and empowering those around him, Nguyen hopes to shine light to how we can safely integrate the powers of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our industries to create a boom. In addition, he takes an approach that ensures digital privacy and focuses on ethically building systems. Developing intrusion detection prevention systems (IDPS) & deep packet inspection for advanced network traffic processing and analysis using algorithm models/neural networks for election security or the fairness and equity of demographic data and how that leads to issues such as gerrymandering, voter registration and other areas of social justice. Nguyen values the understanding in the power of data - how to collect, track, analyze, and utilize a diverse range of metrics and data to frame what’s going on in our world and how we might change it. He looks at issues such as predictability, privacy, fairness, truthfulness, efficiency, and scalability when desiring algorithmic models. Focusing on how people will behave, how to recognize the patterns of communication, influence, connectivity, and behavior, and how I can design systems and algorithms to achieve desirable outcomes. Nguyen is doing graduate level cyber research about the policies in Eurasia, especially in Russia and China, and how it impacts the infrastructure on their adversaries. With the Institute for Youth in Policy he is working on a policy brief, as the first author, and will publish a brief on the ethics of artificial intelligence. Also, developing a capstone project on the fiscal policies in Eurasia. Nguyen hopes to study Engineering, Business, and Russian to lead programs within the U.S. Intelligence Community and National Security.

IMG_8063 - Natalia Roman.jpeg

Natalia Roman

Eastvale, CA 

Natalia Roman is a senior attending Eleanor Roosevelt High School. She intends to major in Political Science and International Relations in pursuit of working in diplomacy as an international lawyer specializing in human rights. Natalia has been passionate about policy and political mobilization since 2018 when she became a chapter lead for her local March For Our Lives chapter. Since then, she has volunteered for several congressional campaigns and been involved in numerous non-profit organizations. She currently serves as the Director of Policy Mobilization for Diversify Our Narrative, Policy Director of GenUP, Youth Board Director for Youth Advocacy Council, Political Affairs Intern for Voters of Tomorrow, and Vice-President for Young Democrats of Greater Corona. Through her policy pursuits, she aspires to expand on her interest in understanding the intersections of global society and advocate for solutions to uplift those affected by systemic subjugation.

IMG_2228 - Milo Pavelka.heic

Milo Pavelka

Red Wing, MN

My name is Milo and I am deeply committed to advocating for social justice and equality. My core passions lie in supporting LGBTQ rights and ensuring equitable access to quality education for all members of the community. In my personal time, I like to workout and play with my dog. I strive to approach everything I do with unwavering compassion, inclusion and a steadfast commitment to making a positive difference.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-08 at 11.12.16_fc74ae65 - Gauransh bhaba.jpg

Gauransh Bhaba

New Delhi, India

I am a passionate debater with experience of 10+ mun's and i have a great interest in design and development . I think the most important social issues that should be enlightened in today's time are the wellbeing of the planet and improving the mental health of people . i have been part of many projects and communities associated with these issues and i look to continue contributing my part for the welfare of this planet.

image0 - Mumtaz Cooper.jpeg

Mumtaz Cooper

Elizabeth, NJ

Mumtaz Cooper, a dedicated activist from New Jersey, is passionate about law, humanitarian aid, and social justice. With a commitment to empowering marginalized communities, she has founded literacy programs and advocated for voter rights. Mumtaz's leadership skills drive her to create positive change and foster inclusive environments.She is thrilled to join the Youth Council as an honorary member to help her community day by day.

7A698C27-EFE0-4991-A328-932FCC4B6920 - عبدالعظيم محمد موسى.jpeg

Abdualazim Mohamed Musa Mohamed

Cairo, Egypt

As a passionate climate activist and medical student at Zagazig University in Egypt, and a business administration student at UoPeople, I am dedicated to promoting sustainability, environmental justice, and human rights. Serving as a Climate Ambassador at Climate Interactive Organization. I'm an alumni of the Aspire Leadership Program, an ambassador for Theirworld and Youth Talks, and serve as a local coordinator for climate change at Zagazig Medical Students Scientific Association. Committed to addressing social inequalities, I actively engage in volunteer work and advocacy efforts.

Photo of Me - Papaya Girl.jpg

Angelica Silvestre

Wimauma, FL

I am a master's student at the University of Colorado studying public health with a concentration of population mental health and wellbeing. I worked at various nonprofits such as Drug Free Manatee and The Spark Initiative! I am passionate about suicide prevention, substance abuse prevention, LGBTQ+ and health equity issues!

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-10 at 10.32.06 PM - Vivika Arora.jpeg

Vivika Arora

Tampa, FL

Hi, my name is Vivika Arora and I’m from Florida! My passion for equal education arose when I realized the differences between schools in urban locations versus rural locations, and this led to my involvement with the Youth Council! In addition to my passion, I am involved with Future Business Leaders of America, where I help organize many service events such as helping raise funds to prevent maternal health risks. I also volunteer in my community through being a juror with Teen Court and Key Club, an organization driven to serve the world we live in!

PXL_20240330_182956154 - Yatharshana Prabhu.jpg

Yatharshana Prabhu

Cary, NC

I'm a high school sophomore and I'm very passionate about connecting with the people in my community and making a change about the environment. I'm a volunteer at my school's environmental club, trying my best to help my school with recycling bottles. I have volunteered at my local library for a summer reading program, where I engaged with people of all ages ranges and encouraged them to read and gave book recommendations.

IMG_3389 - Kevin Lopez Cruz.jpeg

Kevin Jose Lopez Cruz

Lanham, MD

Kevin Lopez Cruz is an aspiring professor of English interested in the arts, humanities, teaching, advocacy, and research. He aims to tackle educational disparities in communities by actively engaging with local residents and offering pertinent data.

promsoph - Sophie Lu.png

Sophie Lu

Knoxville, TN

Sophie Lu is a Junior at Farragut High School in TN. She is incredibly passionate about environmental research, having worked on an EPA project in the past as well as produced research on the socioeconomic impact of wildfires. Outside of school, Sophie enjoys making bracelets out of string, and she donates profits made from the bracelets to various environmental organizations. Her focus lies mostly on environmental policy, but she is also interested in various social justice issues as well.

20230705_102134 - Jadah Egbo.jpg

Jadah Egbo

Houston, TX

Since I was a child, I have always been drawn to careers within the legal field, however since my experiences in foster care I decided to become a lawyer. Everyone on this planet has a story, and mine, with its small changes that make me who I am, has given me the inspiration to become an attorney and advocate for others who may not have had a voice. When I went through our broken foster care system, I discovered I wanted to become a children’s rights attorney.

IMG_6900 - Ibett Aneiros.jpeg

Ibett Aneiros

Tampa, FL

Hi! My name is Ibett Aneiros, I am a first generation Cuban American and I will be attending Florida State University. In high school I was involved in several organizations some being the NHS, NEHS, and community work at my local church. I am passionate about volunteering in my community and helping other first generation students or immigrants by providing resources they may not be aware of.

IMG_6377 - Rodrigo Alejandro-Gonzalez.jpeg

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Lake Alfred, FL

My name is Rodrigo Gonzalez I am deeply immersed in extracurricular activities such as Interact Club and NHS, all aimed at community services. Eager to make a difference in our community.


Viktoria Gogaladze

Tampa, FL

Hi! I’m Viktoria I live in Tampa, FL and I am apart of my schools Student Government along with numerous other clubs and activities. Some issues that I am feel passionate about are climate change and implementing more eco-friendly and sustainable energy resources.

IMG_0698 - Ayaan Alinani.jpeg

Ayaan Alinani

Tampa, FL

I am a part of numerous extracurriculars that I am committed and passionate about. Some clubs I have participated in during my middle school term are HOSA, Perennial Math, and NJHS. These clubs taught me numerous skills and I am exited to join more this summer and in high school. I also volunteer actively at my local mosque and dedicate at least 3 hours a week and work as a book keeper at Oldsmar library. I am currently interning at a consulting firm and contributing by doing things such as scheduling meetings and assisting in creating marketing material. Additionally, I am invested in making a positive impact in my community and environment whether it be wildlife awareness or donating to the needy.

IMG_3425 2 - Majdi Alameddine.jpg

Majdi Alameddine

Chattanooga, TN

Majdi Alameddine, a Lebanese-American student at Boyd Buchanan School, excels in academia, activism, and humanitarian efforts. He is the founder and director of Socci Research, Arete Magazine, and Socci Science, which all revolve around the same purpose of helping others find their true passions and interests. Majdi also conducts research at the intersection of engineering and life sciences. He collaborates with global organizations to promote STEM, including the International Research Olympiad, Youth Mentorship Project, International Biology Bowl, and Nexus Learning. Academically, he serves as the president of various clubs such as Science Bowl, Chess, and USABO.

IMG_1630 - Legitimate Car Wash.jpg

Vincent Fiorilli

Tampa, FL

There is always opportunity to improve you and the lives of those around you. Runner, guitarist, film maker, and honor student. I love working with others and finding creative ways to solve problems.

IMG_EBE0AC9E69A0-1 - Kate Landeros.jpeg

Kate Landeros

Beaumont, CA

Hello! I’m Kate and I'm from Beaumont, CA. I love giving back to my community and being involved in a wide array of activities that foster a sense of togetherness and help others. I'm most passionate about equality for all, ensuring everyone has the chance to succeed regardless of their background. I actively participate in local volunteer programs and initiatives that support education and social justice. Through my community involvement, I hope to make a positive impact and create opportunities for everyone. I'm thrilled to be a part of this council and look forward to what we will achieve together!

IMG_3587 - Kehinde Olabode.PNG

Kehinde Olabode

Camden, NJ

Kehinde is a junior in New Jersey and is focused on public health and the health disparities between marginalized groups. She has done research regarding infant mortality in New Jersey and is an upcoming intern for the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation. In her freetime, you can see her painting or playing tennis with her friends.

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